'SNL': Zach Galifianakis Shows How A Perfect Opening Monologue Is Done (VIDEO)

WATCH: Zach Galifianakis Rocks The Opening Monolgue On 'SNL'

Solid jokes followed by a fun musical number that completely sums up what the host is all about as a performer? We'll take that.

Once again, as host of 'SNL' Zach Galifianakis proved why he's become one of the most popular "alternative" comedy performers, and has remained that even as he has achieved serious mainstream success. He's intensely likable, comfortingly weird and has an innate integrity that is unique to him.

His opening monologue was a refreshing return to the format of a great comedian delivering strong jokes, & it reminded us of how nice it is to see someone hosting 'SNL' because they are truly funny, not just famous.

But the musical number is also a staple of the opening monologue and Galifianakis didn't disappoint there either. Stripping down into a high-hemmed, classic Annie red dress, he lip-synched to "Tomorrow" while flipping through a large note pad emblazoned with his random thoughts:

Marriage should be between a man and woman...or between two men who like to go antiquing.

The number also featured multiple references to Galifianakis' love of pot, which may or may not be why the video is currently unavailable for us to show you. (Although, at the moment, you can find an unauthorized version on YouTube.)

His opening jokes are in the video below, which make for one of the most solid monologues of the season all on their own.


And on a side-note, if you weren't sure how far Galifianakis is willing to go for a joke, please note that he shaved his hair into a mohawk for the close of the show, presumably so he could say the words, "Unfortunately, we did not get to the Mr. T sketch."

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