Overheated 'Doc' Gushes About Trump's Rockin' Bod On 'Saturday Night Live'

He's a "very svelte 239 pounds with a gorgeous Coke-bottle waist."

Beck Bennett popped up on “Saturday Night Live” to play a libidinous version of White House doctor Ronny Jackson to take another crack at convincing us how “not fat the president is.”

Lampooning Jackson’s recent press conference and his stellar review of a healthy president, Bennett gushed that Donald Trump weighs in at a “very svelte 239 pounds” with a “gorgeous 44-inch Coke-bottle waist” and “legs that ... seem to go on forever.”

“It’s my expert medical opinion that the president’s got a rockin’ bod with the perfect amount of cushion for the pushin’— and if I could, I would.”

“Reporter” Cecily Strong noted that people are skeptical about Trump’s perfect health report because they’ve “taken one look” at the president. Kate McKinnon asked: “How broke that brain?” Bennett assured her that Trump passed his cognitive exam with “flying colors, almost no hints” (and he “crushed the Tide Pod Challenge.”) The doc conceded, however, that the test isn’t given to judge intelligence, but to “make sure someone’s not severely brain damaged.”

Colin Jost noted later in “Weekend Update” that the cognitive exam included drawing a clock. The “last president to fail this test,” said Jost, was “Lincoln after the play.”

Check out the rest of the cold open in the video at the top.