Snooki Clothing Line In The Works

Snooki has had a busy summer.

The plucky, pint-sized personality has wrapped filming on season 5 of "Jersey Shore." She is preparing to publish her much-anticipated autobiography "Confessions of a Guidette" as well as "Gorilla Beach," the follow-up to last winter's debut novel, "A Shore Thing."

And the reality star is even releasing a fragrance set to hit shelves in time for the holidays (we did always wonder what her tanner smelled like...).

But one key venture has been sorely missing from the Snooki Empire: a clothing line.

Fortunately, Snooki recently took to Twitter to make the important announcement we've been waiting for. When a fan made a query concerning her foray into fashion, her brief but affirmative response was: "Workin on it girl."

Perhaps the Ema Savahl dress she donned for the VMAs will provide some insight into the line's aesthetic -- tight, shiny and orange.

Then again, she might do a millinery collection and focus on wide-brimmed floppy hats. Snooks loves her a good hat.

But the real question is: would you buy it?