John Fetterman Recruits Snooki To Take Some 'Jersey Shore' Shots At Dr. Oz

The Democratic Pennsylvania Senate nominee found a clever way to mock his GOP rival's New Jersey roots.

A former reality TV star who describes herself as a “hot mess” has a message apparently aimed at TV doctor Mehmet Oz, now the GOP nominee for a Pennsylvania Senate seat.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, in a Cameo video tweeted by Oz’s Democratic rival John Fetterman on Thursday, refers to a “Mehmet” and his search for a “new job” in Pennsylvania away from his New Jersey home.

The jokey clip comes amid Fetterman’s campaign to portray Oz as a carpetbagging New Jersey resident trying to break into politics via Pennsylvania’s race to replace retiring Sen. Pat Toomey (R).

After Oz announced his candidacy last year, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that he used his in-laws’ address in the Philadelphia suburbs to register to vote in 2020.

Earlier this month, Fetterman claimed that Oz, who has reportedly lived in New Jersey for two decades, filmed a campaign ad at his Jersey mansion. Fetterman also chided Oz’s New Jersey roots with an airplane beach banner that flew over resort locations popular with Pennsylvania residents.

Polizzi, in her video, takes it next-level, asking why anyone would “want to leave Jersey” for another state.

The “Jersey Shore” star’s Cameo videos can cost up to $3,500, according to her page on the platform.

It’s not clear if Fetterman’s campaign paid for the video or whether Polizzi knew it would be used in the Senate race. Neither Fetterman nor Polizzi’s representatives could immediately be reached.

You can watch the full clip shared by Fetterman below.

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