Snooki Falls Off Platform Sandals: Pregnant Reality Star OK After Tumble (PHOTOS)

Pregnant Snooki Takes A Tumble

"Pregnant in heels" can be a precarious fashion statement, as Snooki's latest disaster illustrates.

The mommy-to-be took a tumble in New Jersey's Seaside Heights after losing her balance in her monster platform sandals.

So, is it finally time for Snooki to give up her heels in favor of something a little more practical? Perhaps ... flats? (Gasp!)

"I feel confident in them, and I know I'm not going to fall, so until it feels very uncomfortable, I'm still going to rock them," Snooki told "Good Morning America" of her heel obsession earlier this month. "I'm only 24 and I'm pregnant -- it doesn't mean I need to be wearing flats and ugly shoes. I can still look good."

After hitting the pavement, Snooki may want to re-think her pledge of allegiance to the stiletto club. This isn't the first time the expectant "Jersey Shore" star has had trouble walking in vertiginous footwear.

Check out Snook's tumble below:snooki falls

snooki falls

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