Snooki Is Pregnant? What Nicole Polizzi Will Have In Common With Her Baby (VIDEOS)

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of MTV's "Jersey Shore" has yet to confirm she's pregnant, but the rumor is enough to send the Twitterverse, Internet and WORLD into a frenzy. International Business Times suggests six guido baby names that the meatball and her boyfriend, Jionni, could pick from -- and there are already talks of pregnancy affecting Snooki's MTV spin-off show.

Beyond the name and fame, though, the obvious question is this: Can a 24-year-old, infamous for getting black-out drunk really raise a child? Most would say no. However, instead of pointing out Snooki's palpable maternal flaws, it's possible to take the high road and look at the bright side: The guidette will be able to relate to her child in ways most mamas can’t. Besides not being able to reach the kitchen counter, here are the 13 ways Snooki's baby will be just like ... Snooki.