Snooki Responds To Her Boyfriend's Proposal


Snooki's boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, proposed on the cover of 'Steppin' Out' magazine that hit the web Monday. "Will You Marry Me?" read the boldfaced headline over a shirtless Jeff.

Tuesday Snooki responded via Twitter.

"Just want to set the record straight. I'm single and I'm not going to get married!" she wrote.

Snooki and Jeff have only been dating for about two weeks.

On Tuesday released NSFW photos of Jeff cavorting at a swingers' club with topless women.

"They used to have private swinger's parties on off nights at the club and there was a lot of risky behavior with people often pairing off and heading to hotels together afterwards," a source told Radar. "Jeff loved these parties and he really saw himself as a 'ladies man'. His favorite party trick was to pour alcohol on naked bodies of women and then lick it off."

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