Snooki, The Situation On Tonight Show: Jersey Shore Stars Give Conan A Nickname (VIDEO)

Two of the "stars" from MTV's new reality show Jersey Shore, Mike "The Situation" and Snooki, stopped by The Tonight Show last night to discuss the controversy surrounding the show along with other important topics, like how they got their nicknames (you can create your own Jersey Shore nickname here).

The show has come under fire from Italian-American groups for exploiting stereotypes of so-called 'guidos.' The controversy increased when MTV teased a clip showing Snooki getting punched hard in the face by a random man at a bar. MTV has since decided not to air the clip during the next episode. You can watch it here.

Mike told Conan the story of how he got his nickname: "The Situation." Apparently Mike was on a beach in New Jersey when a girl walked by him with her boyfriend and, seeing his abs, exhorted her boyfriend to look at how ripped Mike's abs are. His friends then turned to him and said, 'Mike, that's a situation right there.'

Conan, appropriately, burst out laughing.. He does, however, think "The Situation" is the greatest nickname he's ever heard and told him that "this is the greatest conversation I've ever had." He also received his own nickname from Mike: "The Solution." Conan loves it.

They did not address the controversy over Snooki getting punched.



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