Snoop Dogg Reveals What Pete Davidson Is Like Smoking Weed

The musician, asked what his celebrity buddies were like when they lit up, had a funny tidbit about the "SNL" comedian.

It seems Pete Davidson is no Willie Nelson when it comes to smoking pot. At least according to Snoop Dogg.

The “Who am I?” rapper who famously loves getting high was asked by the hosts of E!’s “Nightly Pop” Tuesday which of his celebrity friends can’t handle their weed. Snoop had a pretty fire answer.

“The last person I just blew with, I knocked his wig off,” Snoop said. “I’m supposed to see him again this week, my good friend Pete Davidson.”

When one host expressed disbelief that the “Saturday Night Live” star “can’t hang,” Snoop elaborated, describing Davidson as like the little stoner who could. 

“He fights and he fights and he fights, then he says, ‘Hey, man, I’m cool,’” Snoop said.

Snoop also revealed the last time he was “too high.” It was in 2007, when he was in Amsterdam with fellow musician and cannabis connoisseur Nelson. Both had concerts in the city at the time. 

“I had to stop because he was blowing me out of the water as far as performance-wise and [smoking] performance-wise,” he said.

Now if Snoop could only cough up details about what his buddy Martha Stewart is like when she’s high, that would be dope.