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Snoop Dogg Raps About Cybercrime, B.B. King Collaboration


Pimpin' ain't easy, and neither is recovering from cybercrime.

That's why Snoop Dogg decided to help spread the word about ways to prevent identity theft and other nefarious online practices.

The legendary LBC rapper held court inside a Symantec Corporation 18-wheeler across from Bryant Park on Tuesday, where he spoke with press about his experiences with cybercrime.

Snoop said he's had to deal with Internet miscreants who have set up fake websites using his name, stolen his music and swiped his credit card information.

"I'm here spreading the awareness of cybercrime," Snoop said. "I don't tolerate it. I'm not with it."

Symantec's Dave Cole said his company wanted to partner with Snoop, whose other endorsements include candy that tastes like pot, because his story shows cybercrime can happen to anyone.

"There's this feeling that the victims aren't real and it doesn't really happen," Cole said. "So bringing somebody like Snoop on who's saying, 'Look, this is a giant pain for me, I've been a victim,' that's gonna get somebody's attention."

Snoop also spoke with HuffPost about his desire to collaborate with B.B. King.

"I feel like that blues thing and my thing is a real hand-in-hand situation," Snoop said. "It's gonna happen."

Snoop's grandfather introduced him to the blues when he was growing up.

"When I used to go to my grandfather's house, that's all he played," Snoop said. "I hung out with him quite a bit as a youngin', so I fell in love with it hearing him play it."

Symantec's cybercrime bus will be parked at 43rd Street and Broadway on Wednesday. Visitors can learn how to protect themselves from online assailants.

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