Snoop Shills For Hot Pockets With Insane New Music Video, '(Hot) Pocket Like It's Hot'

YOU GUYS. When we went to sleep last night, we thought we'd wake up on the same planet. But Snoop Lion (née Dogg) just made a music video for Hot Pockets, so we were definitely wrong. We meant it when we said that "Hot Cheetos & Takis" was our favorite food jam of the year, but Snoop, bless you for trying.

"(Hot) Pocket Like It's Hot" dropped on Wednesday and we had to watch it three times to believe it was real. Please enjoy cameos from Andy Milonakis, DeStorm Power, WWE Superstar Brodus Clay and -- of course -- Herbie Hot Pockets (Jim Gaffigan, where are you?). Do you guys feel dizzy?

A selection of some of our favorite lyrics, just in case your brain exploded too:

Everybody showing love -- Herbie's in da tub

Checkin' applications for the Hot Pockets fan club

Pepperoni pizza, much better than some fish eggs

The interior too hot let it cool off for a few secs

I'm running for the taste, that can be my phys ed

Chompin Hot Pockets, that's how you get ahizzead

So... Snoop is the new Hot Pockets spokesperson, we guess? This sort of makes sense if you think about the natural byproduct of Snoop's favorite herbal remedy -- munchies. Don't worry, this is going to take us some time process as well.

[h/t Food Is The New Rock]



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