Snooze App Lets Users Donate To Charity By Oversleeping

iPhone App Allows Users To Donate To Charity By Hitting Snooze Button

Giving has become increasingly effortless with text-to-donate and other click-of-a-button tools, but a new app has made donating even simpler. So simple, that you can do it in your sleep.

The alarm clock iPhone app, Snooze, allows you to pledge 25 cents to a nonprofit in the LetGive network just by hitting the button that lets you clock in extra minutes of sleep.

Donate your extra ZZZ's to The Business Center For New Americans, which provides financial literacy for refugees and immigrants in New York. Or, as you're scheming your late-to-work excuse, think of weary-school kids who get basic supplies through Classwish. Perhaps, you should channel your laziness to support hardworking artists through Music For Tomorrow.

The foolproof app lets you rest easy while it keeps tabs on your snoozes. Twice a month, you just have to choose where to donate them.

Download Snooze for free at the iTunes Apple Store.

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