Sonja Hinrichsen' 'Snow Circles' With Cedar Beauregard Turns Steamboat Into A Quilt (VIDEO)

Last month, landscape artist Sonja Hinrichsen and a team of 5 volunteers tracked a series of circles into the snow at Rabbit Ears pass in Steamboat, Colorado. The 3-hour long project might not have looked like much from the ground, but seen from above, it makes for dramatic viewing. Aerial photographs taken from local pilot Jack Dysart's Cessna reveal a snowscape that looks like an embroidered quilt, and the accompanying film by Steamboat-based filmmaker Cedar Beauregard, who mounted a camera on a remote-controlled helicopter, gets a view of the tiny people creating the elaborate pattern. Also part of the fun: that the tracks have probably disappeared by now. Check out the video below.


Snow Circles from Beauregard, Steamboat Aerials on Vimeo.