Snow Mobiler Buried In Avalanche: Footage Captured Of Men Attempting To Rescue Trapped Snow Mobiler (VIDEO)

A very scary incident occurred on Sunday when an avalanche buried a man alive in the mountains of the Cascade Range in Washington. John Swanson was out snowmobiling when he paused to admire some others out enjoying the same pastime. Suddenly, he was overwhelmed by a wall of snow rolling down from above.

Fortunately, the other snow mobilers in the vicinity had seen Swanson just before he was covered by snow and were able to rush to his aid and dig him out. Amazingly, Rick Jablinske caught the entire scene on tape via a helmet cam. Jablinske saw Swanson become buried beneath the snow and was then fast on the scene as part of the rescue effort.

"I knew that I was buried enough in snow that I couldn't move...was suffocating in the snow," Swanson told WFMY News. "They knew where I went...that was the saving grace...they started digging that area."

According to King 5 News, Swanson was breathing and dazed once he was dug out but is now safely back at his home where he is recovering from his brush with death.