Snow Penis In South Kingstown, Rhode Island Causes Uprising, Calls To Police

Snow Penis, Snow Problems

A 12-foot-tall snow penis erected from the remnants of the blizzard last weekend is getting a rise out of Rhode Island neighbors, who have called police twice on the phallus.

What started as a 6-foot-tall joke created by Ryan Worthington, 16, on Monday became a national sensation when onlookers in South Kingstown started complaining.

Ryan's mom, 41-year-old Raylene Worthington, told HuffPost Weird News that the icy erection should have melted on Tuesday. That is, until dozens of people showed up to take their pictures with it.

"[Ryan] put it there as a joke so I'd see it when I went to work -- I laughed my ass off," she said. "People were taking pictures with it ... but someone called police, some were offended."

She said police dropped by and laughed at the prideful statue, then left. The negative attention only stoked the phallic flame, and the penis quickly went from 6 feet tall to 12.

snow penis 6 feet

snow penis 12 feet

The giant snow boner resulted in a celebrated Facebook page, a writeup in a local newspaper -- which refused to run the snowner picture -- and plenty of outrage.

Raylene Worthington maintains that she wasn't trying to make the blood rush to anyone's head. She was simply allowing her kids to have fun.

"They're teenage boys -- there's worse things they could be doing," she told HuffPost Weird News. "It was innocent. And to be honest, knowing that it pissed people off gave us a little charge. If you have nothing else to do in your day other than complain about a snow penis, we'll make it 12 feet tall."

BREAKING UPDATE: Just hours after this story was published, the snow penis was taken down. Click here for details.

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