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Giant Pit Bull Made Of Snow Looks Exactly Like Its Inspiration

LOOK: Giant Pit Bull Made Of Snow!

Proving that winter hasn't completely lost its magic: a pit bull and his massive snow doppelgänger.

Last year, the Malave family of Middletown, Connecticut, built a humongous alligator made of snow in their front yard. This year, they sculpted a gigantic frozen tribute to their beloved dog Texx.

Pit Bull Made Of Snow

“Our neighbor saw us starting Texx on Saturday and they got so excited,” Karen Terrio-Malave told the Middletown Press. “He liked Texx better than the gator.”

The big pit bull was a collective effort of Terrio-Malave, her son Will -- who brought three-year-old Texx home from Texas, where Will was in school -- and Will's girlfriend Nikki Steponkus.

“I think it’s become a tradition,” Terrio-Malave told the Press. “I get a kick out of it because I’m doing it with my son.”

Will came up with the idea for this year's snow animal, and tells HuffPost he's hoping the family's creation -- which was built over the weekend and is already starting to melt; perhaps the only lamentable casualty of slightly warmer weather -- will do more than just prettify the neighborhood. He'd also like the snow sculpture to be something of a breed ambassador for pit bulls.

"I'm sure you are aware of the bad and false reputation that they have of being vicious animals," he said. "I would like people to see that my dog is family and brings us happiness on a daily basis. And as far as Texx, he loves playing in the snow and was all over the sculpture when we were making it."

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