'The REAL Story Of Snow White' Stars A Pit Bull As Prince Charming (PHOTOS)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most adorable of them all?

In this new photo set, the answer to that question is 3-year-old Jayci.

snow white

Jayci plays Snow White in a photo series called "The REAL Story of Snow White." It was shot by her 20-year-old cousin -- a professional photographer named Taylor Elchert.

show white 2

So, how does the real story compare to the Disney classic? It starts off similarly -- with a timid Snow White (duly noted that the little girl isn't Caucasian) wandering into the woods.

snow white 3

Then, like in the film, she finds a poisoned apple that sends her into a deep slumber.



But this Snow White's prince charming looks a little different than Disney's version.


That's right -- a 1-year-old pit bull comes to this damsel's rescue. And he's brought lots of kisses.


Together, the two live happily ever after.


Elchert, who began her photography business in Tiffin, Ohio, when she was just 15 years old, told The Huffington Post that she wanted to shoot this photo series to show the world how wonderful pit bulls can be.

"Jayci pulls on Sasha (the pit bull) and sits on her and loves on her," Elchert told HuffPost, "and Sasha just takes it, and she loves her right back. Pit bulls get a bad rap, but Sasha is so sweet."

To see the full photo series, head to Elchert's website.

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