Disney Is Making A Movie About The Sister You Never Knew Snow White Had

Introducing, Rose Red.

Have you ever heard of Rose Red? She's apparently Snow White's sister -- but not the Snow White best associated with an evil stepmother, seven dwarfs and poisoned apples. 

You see, Rose Red and Snow White are actually sisters in an entirely different story by The Brothers Grimm. Their fairy tale involves a wicked dwarf and [SPOILER] a bear that turns into a prince, and it's not about the Snow White we all know is the fairest of them all. 

Two different stories, two different Snow Whites. But that's about to change because Disney is planning a crossover of sorts with "Rose Red" -- a live-action film that transposes Rose Red into the iconic "Snow White" story. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script has Red playing the hero after her sister is poisoned. She must go on a "dangerous quest" with a ragtag group of dwarfs to find a way to break the curse.  

Hmmm. It sounds a lot like the plot of "Frozen," tbh.




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