Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Incredibly stunning to say the least, yet even on reasonably practical reflection, we may be witnessing another Dan Quayle selection moment in American politics. First termer and former beauty queen Gov. Sarah Palin! Was she that fully vetted? Can't wait to read all of her speeches in support of those Bush administration policies McCain claims to have walked away from.

So this is John McCain's bait to dissatisfied Hillary supporters? Sen. Obama was correct... John McCain just doesn't get it. He actually believes Rush Limbaugh who had to have collectively brainwashed the McCain operation that placing a neophyte female Alaskan governor on the ticket would convert the "over 50" Democratic moms to the GOP fold.

To think that McCain turned down far more nationally qualified individuals who have now been relegated to subordinate status in the pecking order of GOP politics:

1. Mitt Romney
2. Tim Pawlenty
3. Tom Ridge
4. Lindsey Graham
5. Charlie Crist
6. Joe Lieberman
7. Carly Fiorina

How must they feel? Dwarfed at the altar by a total unknown. Each rejected candidate now having to gamely march out before the national media to defend this singular act of a political Hail Mary pass. To steal an old adage of former Secretary of State James Baker... putting Sarah Palin into a debate with Joe Biden is going to be like throwing Howdy Doody into a knife fight!

Not to denigrate Gov. Palin the person -- she has a beguiling bio and has strong conservative, western credentials. She did not make any fatal error at her national political debut. After all she did get elected governor of a state. By definition she may be your typical "hockey mom." She may be all McCain claims she is in his introduction of her, but this is the person McCain will entrust to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? To be a commander-in-chief when the nation is fighting two wars???

Give McCain his due and applaud with one hand his audaciousness. Self-indulgence has long been McCain's dark underbelly. McCain's 72nd birthday present to himself... leaping without a parachute into the poltical unknown. It may turn out to be a game-changer. A potentially clever roll of the dice in a high-risk/high-reward to reach out to women and independents. But it appears more rash than rational.

If the McCain campaign was hoping to make the issue of experience a determining factor... it just took that issue completely off the table. McCain's campaign had to have recently concluded that the "experience" argument against Obama was not getting them anywhere, so now McCain is trying to steal away the "change" argument by redefining the race going into the GOP convention. Good luck!

Pure as the driven Alaskan snow... welcome Gov. Palin to the intense limelight of the national stage and the collective sounds of shocked gulps from your own party.