Watch Mysterious Snowballs Bobbing Under A Lake's Surface

The mesmerizing footage was filmed at Sebago Lake in Maine.

Hundreds of snowballs can be seen floating just beneath the surface of a Maine lake in captivating video posted online.

Sculptor and land artist Dave Allen filmed the astonishing sight from the north-west side of Sebago Lake last Tuesday.

The video shows waves lapping against the shore as the uniformly sized balls of snow roll hypnotically back and forth in the water.

Allen posted the clip to his art studio's Facebook page. "Waves of snowballs. This was one of the most awesome natural events I have ever seen!" he wrote.

"It was extremely interesting and even awe-inspiring in a way words can't really describe," he told ABC News. 

Allen said he "cannot say for sure" what caused the strange sight. Noting the weather that preceded the appearance of the floating snowballs, he speculated that snow from a recent winter storm had remained intact on the water's surface instead of melting.

The artist wrote on Facebook that he "fished out a couple of the balls, and sure enough, they broke apart and were very slushy, definitely not ice."

He believes the snow then got trapped by a small stone jetty that acted as a catch and somehow shaped the slush into balls. "That’s all I got," he said.

John Jensenius, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service, told The Huffington Post that the slush balls were formed due to the combination of the recent snowfall and the wind and wave actions.

"The wind pushed (and compressed) the snow toward one end of the lake where the wave action and friction between the balls caused them to become round," he said via email.

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