Snowboarder Floats Through The Sky With The Help Of Giant Drone

For when you need to take the high road.

Santa might need to consider a sleigh upgrade.

YouTube star Casey Neistat is back with a new adventure, this time gracefully floating through the air thanks to the power of a giant drone.

Building the suspense, Neistat spends the first half of the video cruising through slopes and city streets, mostly keeping his feet on the ground as the drone pulls him along.

Eventually, it was time to throw gravity to the wind.

Not a bad ride. Perhaps the next time the slopes get too crowded, winter sports enthusiasts will consider this as an alternative pastime.

Of course, what would this video be without Neistat drifting off into the distance?

Good byeeeee!
Good byeeeee!

And if you’re interested in behind the scenes action, you can check out more here.

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