Just A Guy Riding His Snowmobile Off A Mountain And Parachuting Down

Just A Guy Riding His Snowmobile Off A Cliff

Why drive down the mountain?

Antti Pendikainen of the Finnish daredevils StuntFreaksTeam attached a parachute to a snowmobile and rode it off a cliff in Riksgränsen, Sweden, according to this YouTube description.

In the video, Pendikainen whoops it up and his snowmobile emits colored smoke as he floats downward.

James Bond fans might get the feeling that they've seen something vaguely similar before. In "The World Is Not Enough" with Pierce Brosnan, a skiing 007 is chased by villains who descend from the sky on Parahawk snowmobiles.

Fortunately Pendikainen, who descended 300 meters, has a happier landing than this Bond baddie:

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