Snowmobiling On Water Ends Exactly How You Would Expect

One resident of Greenland recently learned the hard way that all good things must come to an end.

With the summer solstice approaching, it's light for 24 hours a day just north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland's second-largest town, Sisimiut.

What do you at 1 a.m. in the land of the midnight sun? Why not ride your snowmobile across the water?

"This 'sailer' wanted to end his snowmobiling season with a little sailing trip at [the] Sisimiut Harbor area," Ulrik Motzfeldt wrote in a description for this video, which he shot on June 5.

Although the unidentified rider enjoys at least 30 seconds of sheer bliss navigating his non-boat vehicle on water, his trip soon comes to an end and two people on a boat come to his rescue.

While snowmobiling on water may sound like a contradiction in terms, it is actually a sport and has its own governing body, the International Watercross Association. The 2012 European Watercross champion set a record in 2013, driving his snowmobile across water for 111.9 miles in about three hours.