NSFW 'Snowpiercer' Red-Band Trailer Will Make You Fight Global Warming

"Snowpiercer," Bong Joon-ho's apocalyptical film about life after global warming takes over the world, is coming to America in June and this new red-band trailer previews what kind of danger is ahead for stars Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Alison Pill and John Hurt.

Finished in 2013, "Snowpiercer" was released in Korea last August but has taken over a year to make it stateside. The film is based on the French graphic novel, "Le Transperceneige," and follows the only remaining people alive once Earth has turned into a frozen tundra. The entire movie takes place on a train, where all the survivors on the planet live. The train is their last hope for survival, but, there's a class struggle between the wealthy who live at the front and the poverty-stricken who ride at the back. Beware, though, the red band trailer is pretty NSFW if you hate blood and pain and terror.



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