SNUBA Is Basically Like Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling, But Easier

SNUBA Is Basically Scuba Diving, But Way Easier

If you've ever wanted to breathe like a fish underwater without having to learn how to SCUBA, then'll you love learning to SNUBA. It's the perfect hybrid of both snorkeling and SCUBA diving, with no difficult certification process.

SNUBA has been around since 1988, and an estimated six million tours have shown people a new way to "go beyond snorkeling," as the SNUBA website explains.


SNUBA is unique because while underwater activities usually involve long training classes and heavy tanks, SNUBA allows participants to explore the seas without any prior certification. An entire SNUBA adventure -- including learning to SNUBA -- takes about an hour, and it only requires basic swimming skills.

SNUBA does require a floating air supply that sits comfortably above the water, allowing participants to get up close and personal to the marine life around them. Participants are attached to something called a regulator, which allows them to breathe through their mouths.

Even though they're attached to the breathing supply on a raft, SNUBA adventurers can go as deep as 20 feet below the surface.



According to the SNUBA website, SNUBA adventures are offered all around the world and are fun for even the little tykes of the family. Kids ages 4-7 can go on SNUBA Doo adventures, which allow them to float right above adults.

Basically, SNUBA is the best vacation activity for adventurers who aren't quite committed to deep-sea diving but still want to see all the ocean has to offer.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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