Snuggie Vs Slanket: Which Is The Better Blanket With Sleeves? (VIDEO)

Before the arrival of the Snuggie, we never knew we needed a blanket with sleeves. What fools we were! It's hard to believe we used to remove our blankets in order to enjoy a beverage - like suckers.

But as it turns out, we could have been enjoying full use of our limbs (while keeping warm, of course) long before the Snuggie ever hit the market. And not just because it's simply a backwards robe. It's because the Snuggie is a rip off of a lesser known blanket-with-sleeves: the Slanket.

Mo Rocca recently profiled both companies, sitting down the founders of each. It's Snuggie Vs. Slanket: The Great Sleeved Blanket Debate.