18 Gifts From Exes That Are Totally Grounds For Divorce

Like it or not, gift giving is an unavoidable part of being in a relationship.

But some people in relationships really can't seem to grasp the importance of a thoughtful gift that's not of the kitchen appliance variety. Last week, Redditors shared the worst gift they've ever gotten from a significant other. Inspired by the thread, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share the most breakup-worthy gift they've ever received from an ex. See some of the worst offenders below.

1. "A can of soup. For Christmas."

2. "A gift card to the restaurant I worked at. Really!? Like I wouldn't want to eat somewhere else or somewhere fancier? Someplace I didn't tell you how dirty the kitchen was? We split shortly afterward. (Hope you enjoyed your 42" flatscreen parting gift. Merry Christmas, asshole)."

3. "Tickets to an NBA game. HIS seat was in the first three rows. MY seat was up in the rafters. No one can top that."

4. "A Valentine's Day card with my name spelled wrong after five years together."

5. "A bottle of Two Buck Chuck on my birthday."

6. "One Valentine's Day my ex gave me a picture of himself. I'm not really into the whole Valentine's Day gifting thing; sure, it's nice to get something but it's no big deal. But he told me, 'I didn't feel like getting you anything' and then felt sorry for me and grabbed a picture of himself and gave me that as a present. It was just rude."

7. "My ex-wife gave me a BBQ skewer set on Father’s Day then proceeded to tell me she invited 20 friends and family over for the BBQ skewers I would be cooking."

8. "A big bottle of Kahlua after saying it was something big, expensive and that I'd love it."

9. "An exploding Death Star toy from a Taco Bell kids' meal on Valentine's."

11. "I got a sponge in my stocking for Christmas one year from my ex-husband. That was it. A sponge."

12. "My ex gave me a super ugly monkey statue that he picked out while flea marketing with the person he was cheating on me with. The monkey looked eerily similar to George W. Bush. I smashed it in a parking lot."

13. "A five-pack of beer for Valentine's Day. He drank one while driving over to pick me up."

14. "My ex-husband gave me wings and a lap dance for our third wedding anniversary, which was our next-to-last wedding anniversary."

15. "Seventy-five cent bath foam with the price tag still on from the bargain store. Sadly, the divorce cost a bit more."

16. "A Pez dispenser. Last minute Valentine's Day gift. SMH."

17. "I'd have to say the 50" TV he bought for -- wait for it -- himself. 'Oh, but you'll use it, too, I'm sure. Happy birthday, darling!'"

18. "Despite my hatred of roses, my ex insisted on giving me roses for Every. Single. Event. My birthday, graduation, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. I always thanked him and tried to kindly remind him that I hate roses, but the more he gave them to me the more pissed off I got. I even threatened to start lighting them on fire and he STILL gave them to me. To me, it just said he couldn't listen to me."

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