So, Maybe Shonda Rhimes Will Get Married

Who will be the lucky guy to put a ring on it?

Despite an earlier declaration that she would never marry, maybe this year really is Shonda Rhimes' Year Of Yes

In a September interview with Entertainment Weekly,  the queen of primetime TV said she wasn't particularly interested in getting married. "I say, 'Nope, looking for a boyfriend, not a husband', " Rhimes said. "And there’s a freedom to that. There’s no pressure if you’re not looking for it."

However, in an interview with People on Sunday, it seems that Rhimes may have changed her tune -- slightly. While there's no set date for a wedding, Rhimes said that she was open to the possibility of marriage in the future. 

“I don’t know. As I said in the book, [Year of Yes], maybe when I’m 75 or when my youngest in graduating from college, who knows,” Rhimes said to People. “Maybe I’ll change my mind but right now I don’t see it.”

Rhimes, who is 45 and a mother of three,  joked that even if she does get married -- she'll still need her space. 

“I’m like, just live next door,” she said. “Live across the street!”

Married or not Rhimes understands that her happiness comes first with or without a partner. 


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