So President Obama May Be the Anti-Christ. Big Deal

The idea that some may view President Obama as the Anti-Christ is ridiculous on so many levels.

The most practical one comes to mind when one remembers the Omen trilogy of movies from the late 70s.

Those films chronicled the rise and eventual fall of a son of Satan, Damien Thorn. A main theme of those movies was the fact that anyone who discovered or even suspected that Thorn was the Anti-Christ was quickly dispatched in a particularly supernatural nasty manner whether it be impalement by steeple poles, vivisection by elevator, having ravens peck out their eyes and then being hit by semi-trucks on lonely roads, decapitation by glass panes, or being attacked by a pack of wild dogs.

On that note, let me break and say that I am speaking strictly tongue-in-cheek here. The last thing I need is for Andrew Breitbart or Matt Drudge to claim that I am advocating creative deaths for conservatives. Or worse -- Michelle Malkin digging through my trash and connecting an empty jar of Metamucil she may find there to an insidious plot.

In fact, let me take it further and say that I do not wish any ill will on any conservative

I do not wish for Sarah Palin's new hairstyle to come to life and attack her.

I do not wish for Rush Limbaugh's microphones to come to life and begin strangling him.

I do not wish for members of the Republican Party to spontaneously combust.

And lastly, I do not wish for Glenn Beck to get so caught up in one of his dialogues that his head explodes (I know it's the wrong horror movie -- Scanners - but if this really happened, it wouldn't be messy. Beck has shown his lack of a brain long ago.)

Why the notion that I would wish these things is as zany as thinking that a man who was elected by over 50 percent of the country's population is secretly the son of Satan sent to issue in the Battle of Armageddon (which when you really think about it, Christians are supposed to win anyway so what exactly are these folks scared of? That is, if they are Christians.)

Besides, we all know that the true Anti-Christ is the person behind the concept of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

But just in case Obama is the Anti-Christ, there are a lot of people in this country who should be afraid of ravens and semi trucks on lonely roads, dogs, elevators, glass panes, and steeple poles, etc., etc.