15 Adorable Sleeping Animals To Inspire Your Perfect's Night Sleep

It's time to take sleep back to the basics.

There's no doubt we've fallen out of touch with our natural sleep rhythm as we prioritize both work and play in its place. We spend our working days sedentary with screens rather than taking in much-needed sunshine outdoors, and we beam distruptive blue lights in our bedrooms just moments before attempting to drift off to dreamland.

It's high time we take a cue from this overwhelmingly cute collection of animals following their natural instincts and get inspired to adjust that priority list a little bit. When it comes to logging plenty of Z's and reaping all of their benefits, our furry friends are true professionals.

Here are 15 adorable animals who will undoubtedly inspire a perfect night's sleep the next time your head hits that pillow.

This labrador, who just loves sneaking in an afternoon snooze.
sleeping dog

This koala, who cuddles that tree branch oh so cutely.
koala sleeping

This kitten, who's prioritizing his nap over playtime.

This pug, who knows that sometimes sleep is the best medicine for a stressful day.
need to sleep

This baby hedgehog, who just needed a little down time.
baby hedgehog

This golden puppy, who knows a cool breeze is the key to stellar sleep.

This baby chick, who finds comfort in the hand of its human friend.
baby chick

This cat, whose binge-watching session resulted in a couch-side snooze.
fat cat belly

This bunny, who is dreaming some pretty exciting dreams.

These friends, who found the best pillows in the entire house.
dogs cats

This kitten, who still snuggles with her favorite stuffed animal -- and is proud of it.
cat sleeping

This baby panda, who's drifting off in a cozy pile of fall leaves.

These hounds, who know that the couple who sleeps together stays together.
sleeping puppies

This cat, who's fighting crime off in dreamland.

These pals, who insist on snoozing despite any disruptions that may arise.

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