So That Happened: 2015 Offers No Respite From 2014's Misery

So, that happened: This week, radical militants from a pseudo-Islamic death cult murdered 12 members of the staff of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in their Paris office, ending any hope we had that 2015 would be a respite from 2014's garbage and misery.

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Some highlights from this week:

"There is a need for information that comes with showing what the cartoon was. By republishing these cartoons, you're not trying to provoke people. You're trying to inform people about what it was that tipped off this type of extremism." -- Sam Stein

Meanwhile, the new year has ushered in a new Congress ... which is bringing us the same old stories so far: a leadership fight for House Speaker John Boehner, a rift over budget policy and the perennial question, "Can our government govern?"

"Boehner's like the most unique individual in Congress. And I'll be honest with you. One day, years from now, when Barack Obama and John Boehner are out of politics, I expect them to spend a lot of time together sitting on a porch, reminiscing of times gone by." -- Jason Linkins

Finally, the 2016 presidential race is officially underway, and right off the bat we have one of those silly, unserious rows between two rivals. Is there any chance that we might actually raise the bar in this election? L-O-L

"They have nothing to do. They haven't been doing anything really. It's just a treading water situation for them." -- Arthur Delaney

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