So That Happened: Clinton's Economic Message Doesn't Worry Wall Streeters Because They Don't Believe Her

Hillary Rodham Clinton participates in a roundtable discussion with students and educators during a campaign event at Kirkwoo
Hillary Rodham Clinton participates in a roundtable discussion with students and educators during a campaign event at Kirkwood Community College April 13, 2015 in Monticello, Iowa. Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the United States presidency on April 12, 2015 and is expected to be the frontrunner for the Democratic Party nomination. AFP PHOTO / MICHAEL B. THOMAS (Photo credit should read Michael B. Thomas/AFP/Getty Images)

This week, Hillary Clinton launched her campaign, but didn't order sofritas at Chipotle, the House of Representatives voted to offer upward of $250 billion in handouts to needy, filthy-rich Americans, and a man flew a gyrocopter onto the U.S. Capitol lawn to get us to talk about campaign finance reform.

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Some highlights from this week:

“I am actually pro-flying your campaign finance reform gyrocopter to Washington. Ride your campaign finance reform tractor into a reflecting pool and stay there.” — Jason Linkins on the merits of one man’s gyrocopter political stunt.

“She’s treating this more like her Senate run in New York state, where she definitely was not a shoe-in to win. New Yorkers were very skeptical of her, thought she was a carpetbagger and thought she was going to come in and use the state to promote herself. She won New Yorkers over.” — Amanda Terkel on Hillary’s strategy and lessons learned from 2008.

“We all know that the way to get rich is not to work hard. It is to have capital assets that make a lot of money in the stock market.” — Zach Carter on the House’s vote to repeal the federal inheritance tax.

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