So That Just Happened


It's the day after election day. What have we learned here?

First, the bad stuff:

America is much more sexist than we give it credit for.

America is much more racist than we give it credit for.

America is much more anti LGBTQ than we give it credit for.

America is far less compassionate than we give it credit for.

People often vote with their hearts instead of their brains. Which would be fine if our brains were in our hearts. (Spoiler: They're not.)

Polls are stupid. Like, really dumb. Tracking polls, aggregate polls, straw polls, exit polls -- all of them can eat shit.

Love doesn't always trump hate.

We white folk really love doing stuff that's good for we white folk.

Sometimes bad people get everything they want, while karma sits on the sideline watching the Packers game.

And now the not-as-bad stuff:

Clonazepam is a really helpful drug.

America is much more resilient than we give it credit for.

America is much better at course-correcting than we give it credit for. Just wait and see.

Only two years until the midterm elections. Incumbent parties traditionally get their asses whipped in the midterms.

A whole lot of Congressional Republicans aren't thrilled about this either. And they ain't gonna write this guy a blank check in the House and Senate.

A lot of folks are visual learners. They need to see a bad idea play out before conceding it was a bad idea. Expect this to happen.

Pot is legal in more states now. This should help you ride out the storm.

Canada is a beautiful country. Maybe less so between November and April, but on the whole, it's a top-shelf kinda place.

These angry white folks are gonna redirect their anger when the new President walks back most of the things he promised. Could be fun to watch.

It may not seem like it today, but the future of the Democratic Party is far, far more stable than the future of the Republican Party.

It's better to be on the wrong side of an election than on the wrong side of history.

The takeaway:

Keep calm and carry on, because stuff's gonna get better over time. Think of this experience as a flight riddled with wing-bending turbulence: It'll suck for the next little while, but you'll appreciate that Maui resort all the more once the plane lands.