So, You Have the Skills That Pay the Bills, huh?


Is your LinkedIn profile showing the proof?
LinkedIn profiles can be intimidating and time consuming.
Finding time to update or revamp it can be stressful. Knowing which sections matter the most for recruiter, employer and sales lead searches is important.

You want to be found on LinkedIn, right?

Of course you do. Is your contact information visible? Are your social media handles and oh my goodness your company website visible? If you answered no in your head right now - your missing out on opportunities.

How are you using your professional headline?
Depending on your goal your headline can make all the difference in being found and the results of the interest that's drawn to you. It's only 120 characters of space. It's tricky but there are ways to make it your top sales or job search tool.

Oh the summary! Does your summary make people want to continue scrolling down?

This can be a troublesome area. Don't be generic here. This space is your time to shine. Think numbers, think accomplishments, think your passion. Remember, you want your viewers to scroll down further and learn more about you - not get stopped at the summary.

Are you skimping on your experience section?
Don't! And, I mean don't do it. Who cares where you work or have worked (I see many profiles displayed with only the company name and maybe the dates). People want to know what you have done where you work - what have you contributed - where have you added value!

So, You Have the Skills That Pay the Bills, huh?
(Funny, my son came home from school the other day and said this - so funny & clever).
You have a maximum of 50 skills to add to list. Why not use every single one? Come on, I know you know them. It's just finding the time to hone them. This section you want to not be too generic. Please don't choose a skill word such as: sweet, tenacious work ethic, renegade, full of life (it sounds silly). Include everything that you feel confident about on the technical, industry and other professional expertise side.

Where do you show a more personal side of you?
The Additional Information section is your chance. People relate to the personal side of us. There is a fairly good chance you have very similar educational and professional backgrounds of many, many others but what you enjoy outside of work may just pique the interest of a potential employer or client. So, you and your next client or employer both like to carouse indoor flea markets on the weekends or both coach a youth soccer team or simply read every book there is to read about the Civil War. BAM. Your additional information just made a connection. Which can mean $$$ to you.

Not intended to sound snarky:
So, you may think I've been a bit hard on profiles I've seen recently. No, not at all. I believe in the power of LinkedIn so much I want to help others get off on the right foot and it starts with your profile. It's your foundation for everything you do across the platform.

Will you be working on your LinkedIn profile this weekend?
Yes, no, maybe.?. It's a time consumption - no doubt. I know. I've optimized 100's of profile over the past years and believe me it requires some time management.

Please comment below. I look forward to it. If you don't agree with me - that's ok too. Let me know! Share your experiences. GO ►►►►

Thank you so much for reading!