So You Want To Be A Successful Blogger? Get In Line

Let me guess you are sick and tired of going on Facebook only to be bombarded by repeat shared posts from that girl from High School who is suddenly an avid DIY-er/blogger. I feel you. So you switch to Instagram and find something far worse. Your BFF has decided to take her shot at creative flatlay's accompanied by 50 or so hashtags with some version of #beautyblogger, #beautylay, #flatlayeveryday. Don't worry you aren't alone, everyone knows someone who has decided to quit their job and become a successful blogger. No need to panic it's not YOU attracting these sorts of people. In fact if you have a laptop you are only one step away from becoming the next big thing, or that's the blogging dream anyway.

You can do a quick google search and fine hundreds, scratch that, thousands of blog posts on how to blog. Bloggers selling tricks and tips of successful blogging have put their blogs aside and made teaching blogging a full time business. So what gives? Why are people so keen on blogging?


Personally it started as an outlet, a way to get all my humour and wit on paper and hell, maybe even get paid for it! Then the perks started coming in, paid sponsorships, crazy swag, invites to cool events, and even amazing hotel stays. Blogging is hard but then again it isn't. You essentially are getting paid to be yourself, write about yourself, and work for yourself. It's no wonder that more and more people are turning into it. BUT the grass is not always greener, and newbie bloggers are in for a shock when their little blog starts costing them a not so pretty penny. Hosting, domain names, affiliate marketing ... words not even in my pre-blogger vocabulary. Thank god super helpful websites like, How To Create A Blog exist, for those out there who are even less tech savvy than I am. Or if you'd like take a scroll down Pinterest, I'm sure some tech savvy blogger will sell you their meticulously designed ecourse for a 4x payment of $99.99.

Unfortunately tho, blogging hasn't been as easy as I intentionally make it seem over my Snapchat stories (misslizstephens BTW). There is the constant social media promotion, daily email rejections, people continuously asking how 'it' works and all for what? For the measly 300 Instagram likes that hopefully lead to a Skinny Tea sponsorship? Or is if for the off chance that I may go VIRAL and have the success of uber blogger Barefoot Blonde.

Whatever the hell it is, because trust me on days like today I'm not sure, blogging is fun. Blogging gives me a reason to sit in a Starbucks three days a week looking super important, and it gives me a reason to visit country after country complaining every inch of the way. I personally wouldn't give it up for anything, well until I'm broke and hungry.