Soap & Glory Launches With Sephora

Ready for some good clean fun?

The woman responsible for giving Oprah the “best facial” she has ever had is bringing her popular UK based beauty line-- Soap & Glory-- back to this side of the pond.

Marcia Kilgore’s witty and beloved collection of lotions and potions launches today exclusively at and at Sephora stores in September.

Function meets fun, thanks to Soap & Glory’s headline-grabbing product names like Sexy Mother Pucker (lip plumper), Make Yourself Youthful (facial rejuvenating serum) and The Righteous Butter (body cream).

Though the economy isn't pretty, beauty sales are.

"Besides there being 3 times more beauty-product loving people in America as there are in Great Britain and that being the opportunity that it is, I’d simply love to make a big success of it in America, and spread my new brand of bubbly back where I first cut my teeth in the world of cosmetics," says Kilgore.

And success is not foreign to the Canadian turned full-time Great Britain resident. Kilgore is also the name behind the international Bliss Spas and booty-beauitfying FitFlops.

Soap & Glory, which Kilgore launched in 2006 (the line had a short run in US Target stores) is intended "for women 16 to 77 with a sense of humor, and who believe- like we do- that while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely."