'Sober Friend' Ad Has Some Asking: Is Riding A Horse While Drunk Legal In Montana?

Is Riding A Horse While Drunk Legal In Montana?

A Montana Department of Transportation public safety video that features a horse picking up a rider at a bar is intended as a metaphor to encourage drinkers to get a ride home.

But it is being taken literally by some in a state well known for its horse culture.

Helena Police Chief Troy McGee says he's received many calls from residents wanting to know if riding a horse while under the influence is legal. McGee tells the Independent Record newspaper that it is.

Montana law carefully defines a vehicle, and excludes those running under animal power.

The popular 30-second video titled "Sober Friend" shows a savvy horse carefully obeying traffic laws on a nighttime journey through town before stopping in front of a bar to pick up a rider.

Much of the talk is not about if the "Sober Friend" ad is realistic, but rather if it is legal to ride home drunk on a horse. The Record reports:

Luke Berger, deputy Helena city attorney, said he has not heard of anyone in Helena riding home from a bar on horseback. But, just because it may be legal, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

"I wouldn't recommend that anyone does that. But as the law says, you can ride your horse after drinking," he said.

WATCH: 'Sober Friend'

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