Collapse At India Soccer Stadium Reportedly Injures More Than 100

A soccer stadium collapse in Bekal, India, has injured more than 100 people, according to outlets.

About 1,500 spectators were watching a pre-match ball-juggling demonstration at the Bekal Brothers Sports Club Sunday when a grandstand made of wooden planks and iron rods gave way, the Telegraph reported. The ground and wood were reportedly weakened from heavy rains, leading to the accident, some media noted.

Horrific video (watch above at the 2:55 mark) captured the incident. Bekal police are pursuing a criminal case against the stadium for safety negligence, outlets write.

According to Inside World Soccer, the stadium was new, and the match between Saban Kottakkal and Mohammadans Mouval was the first of a tournament to inaugurate the stadium.

As seen in the footage, a boy was demonstrating his fancy ball-handling on the pitch when the stand behind one of the goals buckled to the side and crumbled to the ground.

Yahoo! India mentioned that the tournament was postponed indefinitely. While the accident could have been catastrophic by the looks of the videos, just six were reported in serious condition.


(Hat tip, Deadspin)