The Sochi Olympics' Official Website Is Bizarre And Extremely Russian

Between shower spy cams and stray dogs, the Sochi Winter Olympics have been a bit bizarre, to say the least. But you don't have to go to Russia to see the absurdity yourself. Just check out the official website.

It seems that even the English-language version of the Russian Olympics website is not without some glaring examples of being truly lost in translation. Here are some screenshots from it that would make Yakov Smirnoff proud.

Official homepage poll:


"The Opening Ceremony does not need to be divided into components," for those still sitting on the fence.

Featured store item:


Because nothing says "Olympic memories" like "bowl for hamsters."

Also available:


Apparently a flask is a "must-have" in Sochi. After all, it's Russia.

Another reader poll:


Enough baby pacifiers for 125 hockey teams?! What an accomplishment!

Another item:


Repeat: "Fill it with the most useful items along with your baby and go on an exciting journey!" Emphasis ours.

The shop homepage:


We all know you're buying that creepy bear mascot just for the "nominal certificate."

One of many egregious syntax errors:


cAn yOU sPOt tHe ProBlEmS?

The only item filed under "bicycles":


Forget fixed gears, real hipsters ride "sledges."

Another merchandise gem:


Classic Russian yearning for days past...

A final hilarious reader poll:


Looks like almost 70 percent of respondents can't come up with a good reason to look forward to the Games. Can you blame them?