Sochi Problems Twitter Account Pops Up After Journalists Start Tweeting Their Complaints

#SochiProblems --> @SochiProblems

It was only a matter of time.

After journalists checked into their hotel rooms in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, they soon noticed there were a few things missing -- things like heat, Internet and water. Naturally, they began sharing their experiences on Twitter, and #SochiProblems was born.

Now, someone has given the hashtag its own handle with @SochiProblems.

The satirical Twitter account has shared photos taken on the ground in Sochi and added its own humorous interpretations.

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Light fixtures falling from celling are normal, go back to bed. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) February 6, 2014

Hallways very dangerous, keep calm and carry on...or trip and fall and hit head. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) February 6, 2014

Don't fear it's only practice. #SochiProblems #Sochi

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) February 5, 2014

The tweets may be entertaining, but they also highlight the many overarching issues in Sochi. The Russian government reportedly spent $51 billion to prepare the coastal city for the Winter Games, making it the costliest Olympics to date. Yet, basic services like hotel accommodations remain an issue.

Ongoing construction, security concerns and a campaign to kill stray dogs have stayed at the forefront of Olympic coverage, leading some to question: Is Sochi ready?

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