'We Want To Make Sure They Know They're In A Safe Place': Sochi Strays Arrive At U.S. Shelter

After several weeks of preparations and a long journey, 10 strays dogs from Sochi, Russia, will now have the opportunity to be adopted in the United States.

Following allegations that dogs were being killed ahead of the Olympic Games, in an attempt to lower Sochi's population of strays, animal rights activists, in Russia and the U.S., took action. Humane Society International, in cooperation with other organizations, helped bring the 10 dogs from Sochi to a Washington, D.C. shelter where they will soon be put up for adoption, CNN reported.

The dogs traveled for two days to arrive at their new temporary home in D.C. where they will be medically evaluated before going up for adoption. There are another 90 stray dogs expected to travel from Sochi to U.S. shelters soon, according to

"These 10 are representative of some of the dogs that have been removed from the streets and are now up for adoption in Sochi," Kelly O'Meara, director of HSI companion animals and engagement told CNN. "They're the sweetest, most interactive, very friendly dogs, very adoptable that just happen to be unfortunate enough to be living on the street."

Bob Ramin, CEO of Washington Animal Rescue League, told CNN, "We want to make sure they know they're in a safe place so we've got our staff working with them one on one."

In addition to these 10 dogs, Humane Society International also helped Olympic skier and silver medalist Gus Kenworthy bring home some stray dogs from Sochi after he tweeted pictures of the adorable puppies, and pledged to get them home.



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