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7 Comics That'll Make Perfect Sense If You Have Social Anxiety

"Did I really just say that?!"

When anxiety shows up at the party, you can bet it’s a buzzkill.

Some people confuse social anxiety with introversion, but it’s important to note that they aren’t the same thing. Introverts are often characterized by a preference for being alone, while anxiety, on the other hand, can make social situations downright intolerable. Of course, you can be a socially anxious introvert, too.

No matter where you stand when it comes to social situations, the following comics from Marzi Wilson of Introvert Doodles will remind you that when dealing with anxious feelings, you’re never alone.

Introvert Doodles
Introvert Doodles
Introvert Doodles
Introvert Doodles
Introvert Doodles
Introvert Doodles
Introvert Doodles
Anxiety Illustrations