Are We Overwhelmed By Too Many Social Asks? (INFOGRAPHIC)

When it comes to building a social media presence, there's one strategy that seems to be universal. You have to be a pest.

Social asks -- invitations on social networks to friend, fan or follow -- are popping up everywhere, and now there's research to prove it.

A new study finds that in a single month, social networks from Facebook to Twitter facilitate more than 3.34 million social ask mentions from across the globe.

The research, compiled by social media consultant Sarah Evans and marketing technology company Alterian, shows just how swarmed Web users are with these requests.

“We thought about how the social ask translates as a new virtual white noise – an inundation of social asks via print, television and radio without reason or rationale,” Evans explains. “To investigate, we created a series of tests -- and the online findings are just the beginning. Imagine how many ‘asks’ we’re being hit with in the media each day.”

For more stats and a few of the most interesting findings from the study, check out the infographic below: