Social Enterprise Summit Blogging Contest: Winners Announced

Thank you to all the applicants who offered to blog for me for the 11th Annual Social Enterprise Summit in San Francisco. The summit is around the corner, and we've selected two outstanding winners to attend and blog about their experiences. Congratulations to Kylie Eastley and Tristan Pollock!

Kylie is from Tasmania, where she is involved in a few social projects, including Branching Out, a two-year project exploring the potential of Social Enterprise ventures to build sustainability in Community Arts and Cultural programs.

"I welcome the opportunity to export our learnings from Tasmania into the global conversation as well as profile, discuss and report on what is sure to be a valuable event in San Fransisco. What I love about this sector is the diversity of the people and experiences, and the excitement and passion for what is happening. I see that it is about possibilities and ideas."

Tristan is a writer and social media guy from Minneapolis. He writes for SocialEarth and Ashoka, and is excited to cover this conference.

I am a HUGE advocate for social enterprise. I eat, breath, and tweet social entrepreneurship. I want to make an impact while here on Earth, a difference. I am in search of great ideas to support with the hope I will coin a unique idea myself -- a social change idea that will empower people to create their own change.

Look for posts from these two as they engage in conversations and learning at the 11th Annual Social Enterprise Summit.