Social Experiment Reminds Us All Just How Terrible Ageism Can Be

This food truck left a bad taste in people's mouths ... and for good reason.

"You're just not exactly what we're looking for," might be a phrase you'd expect to hear at a job interview, not at the corner food truck. 

Age discrimination runs rampant in the business world -- with employers blatantly turning away older job applicants or implying they're looking for younger faces in their employment ads. But sometimes it's so subtle you wouldn't even notice it ... at least until it happens to you.

In a clever social experiment, AARP decided to discriminate against those over 40 -- in public -- to see how people, young and old, would react.

AARP set up a neighborhood food truck selling delicious beignets -- but with one caveat. A sign outside the truck read "No one over 40." An employee enforced the rule, asking everyone ordering if they were under or over the age limit.

Thanks to hidden cameras, you'll see that the rule left a bad taste in the mouths of the 40+ customers. But you'll be surprised to see how the younger customers reacted. Have a look and let us know what you think.



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