Social Investing Equals More Opportunity

Within the past ten years, social networks have revolutionized not only the way we live, but have also altered the way we invest. These days' investment advisors have started to use networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to initiate the buy signal and pull the trigger. If you haven't started using these networks to invest, you're not maximizing your profits.

Back in 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission started allowing companies to use social media networks to communicate with investors. From that point on, companies started to release their quarterly reports and major corporate news on to these platforms.

Many of the industry's top bloggers use social media to inform their followers about a stock and its movement. Social media functions as a way for investors to become aware of a company's news before it becomes stale.

investFeed the New Twitter?

Recently, a new social network for investing has surfaced, investFeed. InvestFeed is changing the way investors make trading decisions, and investFeed is revolutionizing the trading industry as a whole. The long days are gone of running across the street to buy newspapers, calling your broker, and flipping on the TV to find up-to-date news on companies, firms and stocks. That system is archaic, disorganized and above all, it's costing time, which makes it difficult to collect relevant information in real-time unless you are a professional.


Many hedge funds and premier newsletter services have already started to shift their business over to investFeed. At investFeed it's all about "transparency." Which in investFeed's opinion is the ability to, simply put, be honest.

InvestFeed's CEO and Founder, Ronald Chernesky comments:

The transparency of an investor or traders motives. For example if a member says they are bullish/buying $AAPL and the position goes against them it will reflect in their overall portfolio on investFeed.

Everyone on investFeed will be able to see this creating a transparent environment where no one can lie or try to deceive others about their actual results.

Social investing got light back in 2013, after the Securities and Exchange Commission allowed companies to start tweeting.

While following opinions of someone else has a risk attached to it, everything decision you take needs to be thoughtfully thought out. In addition, you always to back the information up with other sources and logical reasoning, again, transparency is the case.

The case in the past with social media has been millions of users' login to Twitter to check the status of a celebrity breakup or to get a chuckle out of a joke, but now that social media has crossed the stage of infancy, people have started to create an even wider use of it.

Publicly-traded companies have even started to use their investors' relations department to spread the information. Some companies have even started to use social media to launch their products. From here on out, the sharing of information will only increase and things will only become more transparent.

Shazir does not own a financial stake in investFeed.