21 Confessions From People Who Are Addicted To Social Media

Nearly half of smartphone users say they "couldn't live without" their devices.

Can't put your phone down? You're hardly alone (which is ironic, considering the isolating effect of social media).

While hardly anyone had one a decade ago, now 46 percent of smartphone users say their device is something they "couldn't live without." Ninety-three percent of adults age 18 to 29 admit to using their phone to avoid being bored, and 47 percent say they rely on their devices to avoid others around them, according to Pew's 2015 Smartphone Use report.

The impact of being hooked to our phones and the world inside them is real: Excess social media use is associated with poor sleep quality, anxiety and depression. And even though many of us know about these issues, we can't relinquish the addictive, feel-good effects of notifications that light up the reward center of our brains.

As you'll see below, people have anecdotally described their need for social media as worse than a cigarette craving and getting in the way of sleep and real-life interactions. So what's an Instagram addict to do? If not going cold turkey, experts advise scheduling time for social media use, the same way we schedule time for the gym, sleeping and working. It's just one way to find balance in a world of complete overstimulation.

We're not saying it'll be easy. But it'll be worth it. Don't believe us? Here are 21 confessions from people who've struggled with social media overuse, courtesy of Whisper, an app that lets users "confess" anonymously. If these don't scare you straight, maybe nothing will:

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