Social Media Anxiety: 6 Ways To Avoid Social Media Stress During & After Divorce

How To Keep Facebook From Stressing You Out Post-Split

Facebook's mission may be to "connect the world," but when it comes to divorce, connecting with your ex is probably the last thing you want to do. Social media adds a whole new dimension to already-painful breakups, and can complicate and potentially hinder the healing process. After calling it quits in real life, you'll also have to break up with your significant other online -- and with his or her entire social network.

There's no doubt that social media can make breaking up harder to do -- but by following some basic post-split guidelines, you can minimize the amount of anxiety that Facebook adds to your divorce. Click through the slideshow below for six things you need to know about surviving your split with minimal added social media stress.

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Avoid Stalking At All Costs

6 Ways To Avoid Social Media Stress During Divorce

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