Social Media At Weddings: The Dos And Dont's

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While the Internet has made weddings more fun in a lot of ways (loads of inspiration! live streaming the ceremony!), not every wedding moment needs to be splashed across social media. With wedding season approaching, here are our tips for combining weddings and the web.

DO tell close friends and family members your good news before you post your engagement on Facebook. We know it's easier to just update your status and tell everyone at once, but your nearest and dearest expect to be the first to know and it's better to avoid hurt feelings and drama at the outset of wedding planning.

DO use e-vites. They are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. (If your mom insists evites aren't proper, meet her halfway -- send inexpensive printed invites to older relatives and e-vites to your friends.) But DON'T use social media for thank-you cards...when it comes to showing your gratitude, it's all about the handwritten thank-you notes.

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DO make your wedding-related contact method consistent and accessible for guests. Managing wedding questions coming at you from Facebook messages, emails, texts, and phone calls is tough, so pick a method and stick with it. If you're a diehard email person but hate texting, post your email address on your wedding website and let guests know to send questions there. Someone texts you anyway? Reply with "Sure, could you email with this info?" (But DON'T make everyone to contact you through social media. Surprise! Not everyone has a Facebook account.)

If you've got a crazy list of requests for your bridal party, DON'T put it in writing. You don't want to have your email go viral like this bride.

If you're a guest, DON'T whip out your phone during the ceremony if you don't know whether the bride and groom are OK with that. More and more couples are opting for unplugged ceremonies these days; check the wedding website and the program before the wedding to see if they've mentioned it. And if you aren't sure how they feel, play it safe and DON'T tag photos of the bride and groom from the reception or the ceremony until you get the green light. If you find out it's OK a few days after the wedding, go ahead...but until then, err on the side of caution.

If you're getting married, DO let your guests know how you feel about social media. An unplugged wedding is totally fine; just put a note in your wedding program letting guests know. But DON'T try to keep them from posting pictures of themselves at your wedding on social sites; we understand not wanting everyone to see you, but if your bridesmaid wants to put up a cute shot of herself with her date, you shouldn't try to confiscate her phone.

DON'T elope over the weekend and then post pictures of your Vegas wedding on Monday. If you think not personally telling people about your engagement is bad, it's going to be even worse if you don't tell them about your wedding. We love the idea of having elopement announcements printed to be sent through the mail, but a phone call works too. As soon as those closest to you have heard the news, post away!

DON'T make wedding decisions based on what would look great in photos. Sure, you want to capture your special day, but you can't really experience the day for what it is if you're worried about creating perfect photo op. And even if you're a social media maven (and we totally are!) DO unplug on your wedding day so you can be present with the guests who are there to see and celebrate you.

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