Does Social Media Cause Breakups?

We had mental health and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere stop by the program to talk to us about what to do if you’re obsessing over an ex. His new program is called Exaholics (, and it's an online community designed to help people get through their breakups.

Does Social Media Cause Breakups?

In our chat together, Dr. Jeff cautions those on relying too much on social media and the internet for relationship strength. For all of it’s advantages, the internet can very much be a “devil’s playground”, says Dr. Jeff, especially if you’re spending more time and energy on it than you are in the real world. He says it can "develop into an addiction" just like anything else, and while dating online is very much a reality, understanding and communication are required within a relationship to know what type of online activity makes sense.

You can watch the full interview here.

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